I’m sitting here just over a week out from taking off across the ocean with my husband Eric to go play Buckle & Boots Country Music Festival in Manchester, England. When travel + music in my life intertwine it makes me so incredibly happy! IT’S A DREAM COME TRUE! That’s all I’m ever striving for. We’ve never been to Manchester before. I’m so excited and just reflecting today. In the world we live in we see a lot of the highlights and the big announcements in peoples lives. But truth is, I’ve been working over the past three-four years trying to get booked and go play this festival. So it means a lot to me.

I played once in the U.K. at the first and only YeeHaw UK Festival in Corby on the grounds at Rockingham Castle. It was in September 2014. It was a whirlwind of a trip because we were only in England for 48 hours. I won’t go into the details but it was fast. But what I took from that trip were the connections that I made. I kept in touch with a lot of awesome people in the UK Country music scene who were so kind to me and played songs from my second EP “Take Me Back” and did reviews and interviews and such. One person always led me to another. That’s life isn’t it?


I’m so thankful for this opportunity. And I guess I wanted to write this really just to share that a lot of hard work goes on behind the scenes. It’s like making a quilt. Every stitch counts and holds it all together.

When I found that we were officially booked I was actually about to head off to my job. I was freaking out! I filmed a reaction video that you can watch HERE: Buckle & Boots reaction video. When things like this happen, dreams you’ve been working towards  you get that sense and excitement that you know you’re on the right track. Yes I feel lucky, grateful, all of those things but I also feel such an accomplishment within because I can truly say that I never give up. And that in a lot of ways I made this happen. That’s the beauty about being an independent artist.

That’s my advice here. If there’s something you’re striving for and you don’t get it right away it’s because some things just take time. You appreciate things even more the longer you’ve waited for them. Keep going and working  hard towards that goal. Whatever it is. It will come and it will feel amazing. YOU have to WANT it. No one is going to put in the work for you.

I’m super excited to see one of my best friends Miriam Isaac as well! She’s from Cardiff, Wales and is going to drive in and sing harmonies with us. She’s a fantastic singer. We’ve done gigs together when we both lived in Los Angeles years ago. She was also one of my bridesmaids in our wedding. And because of that big ol’ ocean we haven’t seen each other in five years. I can’t wait to just catch up! I will also be having proper English tea no matter how hot it is. And fish n chips and all the good stuff. Excited to explore Manchester. Any tips welcome in the comments below! Buckle & Boots, here we come…