You guys, a milestone happened for me today. August 19, 2015 marks the FIRST day that my EP Take Me Back has EVER sat on a SHELF! It’s at Grimey’s New & Preloved Music in Nashville, TN!!! It was such an amazing feeling to see it there in the New Releases section. I of course stood there taking a few pictures and taking it in. Is it going to fly off the shelves? Maybe not. But having it there amongst other great artists is a big deal for me. WHAT?! Super cool!

When I was little, I bought CDs. I still buy music. PLEASE SUPPORT ARTISTS PEOPLE! It means so much. Especially the independent ones who are funding this career and dream all on their own. CDs don’t just pop out of thin air. Trust me. I’ve made two EP’s and it’s a lot of work. Extremely fun and rewarding, but a lot of hard work, planning and cash goes into it. We do it because we love it, not for the money, but it’s a sign of respect to me to buy the artists music. We associate special memories with certain songs. They have an impact. Go ahead and preview on Spotify, I do too. But if you’ve been listening to it for a few weeks, love the music then go ahead, buy it and make it YOURS! It’s so cool to be able to OWN it! Music has no expiration date. That’s all we want as artists. For you to feel and know the music belongs to you. Because it does.

ANYWAY! End of rant :)  it was always such a THING for me to go buy it the day it came out, open it up, read through all the lyrics while listening (if they didn’t include the lyrics it made me think they didn’t care about what they’re saying very much) and I’d just be obsessed with the entire album. I didn’t only want to know the hits, I wanted to know all the tracks as well as who played on it and what label it was. I drive my husband crazy now with listening to albums on repeat all the time. Music is just so special. I hope someone finds something special in my EP, reads through the lyrics and finds a song that they feel is theirs.

Eeeek! Thank you to Grimey’s for having me in your store and for supporting independent artists! You rule and it made me SO HAPPY!

Take Me Back, New Releases, Grimey's

Take Me Back, New Releases, Grimey’s